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Signatures for Save Braintree Mencap Playscheme

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11 JoAllen  
12 LisaMayes  
13 AllanBennett Please, please, please for the sake of the children, our children, tomorrows children, please save Braintree Mencap
14 clairehesketh This needs to be stopped from closure, it is essential to the children who use it.
15 juliannebennett hope you can keep goin to help all the kids you do.
16 catherinebarnes Mencap provide amazing services for children with disabilities and support to parents that can not be underestimated. Please save
17 Emmacundy  
18 JennyWalker  
19 jademilham  
20 ZoeWebb Please don't take away this very worthy scheme!! It's do valuable to children and their families.