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31 zoeanderson  
32 SamDiyan  
33 BryonyOrr-Smith This group supported my autistic son Jamie and us as a family for at least 10 years !!!!! Do not allow this group to close its a life line !!!!!! It gave us restbite in a very difficult time in our lives !!!! Allowed us time with our other son.
34 ClareWard  
35 NicolaSurrey it is terrible y6ou can remove funding from such a worthwhile service.
36 JuliePenney  
37 DebbieFoster  
38 clarehayzer-mcleod  
39 NicolaFisher Stop taking things away from the people who are less likely to shout about it!!! Start taking things away from the bosses of oil companies or banks NOT vaulnerable children and adults!
40 GrahamBright tighten up your expences system, kick out Hanningfield and you will be able to fund deserving cases as above