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Signatures for Save Braintree Mencap Playscheme

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801 RebeccaDunn Hope you listen to all of the support on here and it remains open
802 AnthonyBass After all the time and effort that has been given now and in the past by volunteers and more recently by the excellant Tina Fitton, Playscheme Manager,we must not let this valuable service come to an end.
803 AlisonScudder No matter what condition we are in, we are still human beings and when they start treating us like cattle it's time to throw in the towel.
804 BarryBeavis  
805 RichardHill Luke Edwards and the other children need this group, if you need to cut some thing then cut the expense accounts of executives and the cars that should save a Million each year.
806 BeverleyMiddleton I had the privelage to work for Braintree Mencap a few years ago and saw first hand the support that was given to both children , adults and parents. The dedication of peter and Janet Brown who I believe had fight for every little bit of money.Disgraceful
807 MargaretDennis yes I think the Playscheme is essential. It should be left as these families need to know their children are in safe surroundings. The parents need a break sometimes. It is hard work looking after the children 24/7 so please reconsider your decision.
808 HannahEdwards  
809 Jo-anneJay  
810 LindaJohnson